Is the concrete mixing station the same as the mixing building ?

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I 'm sure people in the construction industry have heard of concrete mixing stations and mixing buildings, but can you really tell ? Then someone said : only one tall and one short, one big and one small, is that true ? 

 In fact, in addition to the difference in appearance, the difference between the concrete mixing station and the mixing building, the following Coxin Jianji to tell you the difference between the two : 

 Concrete mixing station consists of five systems, such as material supply system. Measurement system. Stirring system. Electronic control system, etc. The mixing building is relatively simple, followed by the bone silo of the mixing building above, and the aggregate enters the mixer after being measured ; the bone silo of the concrete mixing station is below, and after measurement, it needs to be transported into the mixer through the inclined belt ( partially using the progress machine ).


One. The way into the aggregate 


The bone silo of the mixing building is above, so the steel structure will be larger and the inclined belt will be longer. 


Two. Sites where equipment is used 


During the operation, the energy consumption and failure rate of the mixing station will increase, while the energy consumption and failure rate of the mixing building are relatively low. Due to the small production capacity of the mixing station and the simple disassembly and assembly of the structure, it can constitute a container transfer address and is suitable for the construction site ; 


The mixing building is large in volume and high in productivity, and can only be used as a fixed mixing equipment, which is suitable for large-scale water conservancy projects or large-scale product concrete supply. Therefore, customers in the distinction between concrete mixing station and concrete mixing plant, from the aggregate ( material ) feed times. Production power and other aspects, you can choose the appropriate equipment.


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