The importance of belt conveyor belt restart

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When the belt conveyor is working, the equipment may suddenly shut down due to faults and other reasons, and it needs to be restarted at this time. So in the case of material cutting, how can the equipment run better, and what details need to be paid attention to.


In industrial production, when the belt conveyor is cut off due to accidents, it belongs to light-load operation when it is restarted. It is specified that the soft starter can carry out cutting and light-load operation of the conveyor.

The resistance torque caused by the downward tension of the material on the belt is a parameter. But the static sliding friction is much larger than the dynamic sliding friction, which makes the original running torque to get rid of the static sliding friction much larger than the resistance torque caused by the dynamic sliding friction during normal operation.


When the belt conveyor is started with light load during material cutting, the torque output by the motor must overcome the resistance torque caused by the static sliding friction between the rollers of each supporting point under the transmission belt and the roller shaft, and the resistance torque caused by the raw materials on the transmission belt. The resistance torque caused by the upward and downward tensile force. And in the whole running process, it takes a certain amount of time to make the rollers rotate and the torque gradually decreases. It is also necessary to achieve the corresponding speed and increase the lubrication, so that the fluctuation of the torque will be reduced.

Pay attention to the above problems when restarting the material cutting of the belt conveyor. If the operation is not performed properly, it will easily cause damage to the equipment, making it impossible to operate and use normally, and affecting the work process.


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