Belt conveyor inclined transport protection device

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With the complexity of the conveying system, the belt conveyor needs to meet the needs of conveying materials in various terrains. Inclined transport is a relatively common transport scenario for conveyor systems, mainly including inclined upward transport and inclined downward transport. When the inclined upward conveyor is fully loaded, the downward thrust generated by the gravity of the material is relatively large, which may easily cause accidents such as "reversal" of the upper conveyor and "speeding" of the lower conveyor. The two types of conveying equipment require different safety protection devices.

Inclined upward conveyor protection

The "reversal" of the inclined upward conveyor is due to the reverse reversal accident caused by the inability to effectively brake when the power is cut off when the upward conveying conveyor is fully loaded.

The inclined upward conveyor is also called the upper conveyor. For the upper belt conveyor, an anti-reversal device and a braking device must be installed.

Inclined Down Conveyor Protection

The down-conveyor conveyor is a conveyor that is transported obliquely downward. When running at a constant speed, the generator of the motor is used to control the speed. When the power is cut off, the conveyor loses power. If there is no effective deceleration and braking method, it will cause belt A serious accident of "speeding" occurred on the conveyor due to the high speed of the conveyor belt.


Lower transport conveyor brake protection device

For the conveyor that is transported down, we must install a reliable brake protection device. At present, the following types of brake protection devices are used on the downward-sloping belt conveyor.

1. The use of winding is the dynamic braking of the engine, which can only be used under the condition of no explosion-proof requirements;

2. Adopt hydraulic brake device, and use mechanical brake to stop at low speed;

3. Adopt hydraulic brake device;

4. Add disc brakes

Fly belt protector for lower transport conveyor

Flying belt protection devices are used on belt conveyors that are transported at an incline. Its function is to catch the conveyor belt in time to prevent flying belt accidents when the lower conveyor is out of control or the conveyor belt and the roller slip after braking. The hydraulic flying belt catcher is mainly composed of a hydraulic system, a roller and a rubber wheel.


The flying belt catcher is controlled by hydraulic pressure. When the belt speed exceeds the rated value, the control system opens the oil circuit valve, and the rubber roller drives the hydraulic pump to discharge the oil through the pipeline into the hydraulic cylinder, pushing the piston inside the hydraulic cylinder to make the cylinder Downward movement, the cylinder body and the roller are connected, thereby pushing the roller to move downward. The rubber roller is fixed, and the conveyor belt is pressed between the roller and the rubber wheel. This increases the running resistance of the conveyor belt, reduces the belt speed, and prevents the conveyor belt from overspeeding and flying belt accidents. When the speed of the conveyor belt drops to the rated speed, the control system closes the valve of the oil circuit, and under the action of the spring, the roller lifts up, and the conveyor belt returns to a free straight line state from a compressed deformation state.


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