How does a belt conveyor prevent material from rolling and sliding?

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When the belt conveyor transports materials, it often encounters the trouble of rolling and sliding of materials. In order to enable the belt conveyor to safely express materials. Let's explain how to prevent material from rolling and sliding.


Prevent material from rolling and sliding. The reason for the material stability of the belt conveyor is whether the friction between the material and the belt is greater than the downward force of the material's gravity.

1.Measures usually taken: increase the pressure belt type of the auxiliary belt, increase the deep groove idler group with side roller groove angle, and increase the anti-rolling device type. The pressure belt conveying is to exert pressure on the material through the auxiliary belt to generate sufficient frictional resistance to prevent the material from rolling, realize the stable operation of the material, and increase the conveying inclination. Due to factors such as complex structure, high manufacturing cost, and uneven raw coal flow, the application is limited. The deep groove conveyor squeezes the material by increasing the groove angle of the side rollers, thereby increasing the friction between the material and the conveyor belt. And increase the internal friction between materials to achieve the purpose of increasing resistance, anti-skid, and stable transportation.


2. Its structural form: single (double) beam, double-row V-shaped four-roller structure, the bottom V-roller groove angle is 250°, and the large side roll angle improves the material accumulation depth; the length of the side roll is extended to increase the clamping length of the idler to the material . In order to prevent large pieces of material from floating on the surface of the broken material in the conveyor belt, and roll the single piece of material in a small amount of logistics on the belt, a flexible anti-rolling device is used. It is composed of flexible curtain, anti-tracking roller, door frame and so on. The installation distance is generally about 20cm.


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