Reasons and solutions for the broken belt of the mobile belt conveyor

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Due to the human operation of the mobile belt conveyor, the ribbon condition may occur during the use process. Once the ribbon condition occurs, the equipment will not be able to work normally, resulting in this situation. What are the causes and their solutions?

Reason for broken belt:

1. The conveyor belt is used for a long time, and it is seriously embrittled;

2. The supporting force of the conveyor belt is insufficient;

3. The tensile force of the conveyor belt tensioning device on the conveyor belt is too large;

4. The quality of the conveyor belt does not meet the requirements;

5. Blocky raw materials or copperware are smashed or stuck on the conveyor belt;

6. The direction deviation of the conveyor belt is stuck;

7. The conveyor belt is seriously deformed or damaged;



1. If you find that the direction of the conveying belt deviates and is stuck by the sound card rack, you should immediately shut down the machine to solve it, and adjust the tension distance of the tensioning device appropriately;

2. To replace the conveyor belt that meets the regulations, the conveyor belt that has expired should be replaced immediately;

3. Replace the damaged connector, upgrade the deflection adjustment drag roller and anti-deflection protection equipment;

4. Strictly control the damage of bulk raw materials and copperware to the moving belt conveyor;

5. After a broken belt safety accident occurs, the following procedures can be used to solve it: clean up the floating coal carried by the broken belt, block one end of the broken belt with a wooden pallet, lock the other end of the broken belt with a galvanized steel wire rope, and loosen the tensioning device. Use a winch to pull the conveyor belt, cut the conveyor belt and break it, and connect the conveyor belt with metal buckles, cold glue or rubber.


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